Anthony Pierpont

Anthony Pierpont

Nothing better than the wind of the ocean in my face and a good day of fishing,   This is a online journal of my fishing trips with family and loved ones throughout my life.

 Share with us your pictures as well as good fishing places to travel too. Thank you for checking us out.


Fishing in Molokai Hawaii 2009

Anthony Pierpont, Lindy decided to try out an Island that not too many people go to and the trip was amazing.Spent time on beaches where we did not see any one the whole time.

We took dirt roads and went off the beaten path.  Found a great fishing guide Clayton Ching 808 336 1870 / Hallelujah Hou Fishing.

We shared the boat with a real nice couple from Ohio. We caught a whole bunch of diverse species, photographed and released almost all of them. We kept two fish to eat, They tasted like Mahi Mahi and we had our friends at Kalapuu Cookhouse cooked them and served them with a pineapple glaze. If you go you have to eat dinner there and bring you own wine. 808 567 9655 if you are lucky they will have some locals playing music.


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Upper White Fish Lake Minnesota Summer 2010

Anthony Pierpont

Michelle and Tony invited our family up to stay at their cabin in White Fish lake. I was very happy with our success fishing. We caught Pike and Bass trolling with crank bait and we spent a lot of time drifting close to shore with night crawlers. Jack, Brian, Sean and myself had a blast and the weather was fantastic. One evening I caught a 14 inch Crappie. All together we caught 7 different species. Almost all the fish were photographed and released.

Anthony Pierpont

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Kauai 2005 / Deep Sea

Anthony Pierpont, Jordan, Shane and myself decided to take our chances and head down to the southern part of the Island and get on a chartered boat and do some fishing. The scenery was breathtaking and we saw wales and dolphins. The fishing was not that great but we did catch a 30 pound Ono. While Jordan reeled it in the fight died off and what was reeled in was the head of the fish with only 10 pounds of meat left. A Tiger shark ate the other 20 pounds and took his tax for the pacific. The captain made sashimi from an Ahi tuna that some one else caught. You will also notice the greenish strange fish that is a Mahi Mahi.

Anthony Pierpont

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Fishing the Mighty Mississippi in St Paul MN

Anthony Pierpont

My Good friend Dan, an old timer of St Paul took me on a hike down the Mississippi and showed me exactly how to fish for some amazing catch and release fish.

Dan explained that when he was a kid the river was polluted and actually smelled. The Bald eagles had started to die off from DTE chemicals back in the 60s and 70s.

Nationally to USA addressed the pollution and now the river is so clean you can eat the fish and actually swim if you pick a warm enough day.

Now the river is a lot cleaner and Bald eagles fly all over the place. I plan on spending a lot of time fishing this wonderful river and so far I have caught. Crappie, Catfish, Walleye, Sauger, Northern pike, Sheep head and Silver bass but all catch and release.

There still is more that needs to be done to preserve and protect our national water treasures from pollution and this rivers fish still have higher mercury in their blood than is normal. Protecting our ecosystem is not only important for fishing but an important inheritance for our children.

Anthony Pierpont

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Sept 2009 at Lake Vermilion Minnesota

Anthony Pierpont

Dick and May came up to visit us so Jack and Lindy and myself took them to a cabin up to lake Vermilion and took Dick (father Pierpont ) on a guided fishing tour with a guy named terry who is such a good angler he has been on TV along with Ron from the
Show Minnesota Bound. We got some walleye and then later in a small bay we saw a 4 foot Muskie sunning himself on the surface.
Later Dick caught a nice size Pike and we headed back to shore. Later that night Jack, Lindy and myself caught some nice fish at sunset.

The Secret Lake in Minnesota

I know you all would love to know the name of my favorite lake in MN, but unfortunately I’m not going to tell you. This lake is so private, so beautiful and it is stocked with so many fish that I am going to keep this lake a secret. I come to this lake, throw my poll in the water and seconds later I’m pulling out trophy fish. My pictures will tell a thousand words!

anthony pierpont

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